Symthera, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to develop treatments for Metastatic Cancer. Symthera’s focus is on the rapid development and commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical products for the treatment of Metastatic Cancer.


Our Approach

Targeted therapies have been shown to provide benefit to patients by selectively targeting disease-associated proteins. Overall impact on disease by such approaches has, however, failed to provide robust impact as single-agent therapies. Symthera has developed a proprietary approach to identify consensus amino acid sequences shared by, or unique to disease-associated proteins to validate disease-related targets and simultaneously identify drug leads that impact that network. By alignment of multiple sequences, Symthera's approach will disclose unique, cryptic consensus sequences between disease-associated proteins. Symthera has established an effective means to characterize target interaction profile and to identify peptide drug candidates via a proprietary microarray-based screening approach, coupled with high-efficiency peptide synthesis capabilities and characterization of disease impact early in the drug discovery process using animal models. Identification of agents that appropriately affect multiple targets is not readily addressed by traditional drug discovery approaches. Via Symthera's disease-network drug discovery approach, stretches of shared sequences provide an advanced starting point for identification of peptide drug candidates that impact the disease network rather than a single target. Peptide drugs have demonstrated efficacy on the market or in the clinic for a range of diseases and can be delivered by multiple routes including oral, intranasal, intramuscular and intrathecal administration. The approach is geared to generate well-characterized drug candidates with a high success rate and clear path to clinical and commercial application.

Our Focus

Symthera's drug leads, biological peptides, address the immediate shortcomings of existing medication in the following ways: Protein derivatives - Low toxicity natural products - High specificity therapeutics - Minimal side effects - Immune modulators - Inducers of immune tolerance. Symthera’s focus is on the rapid development and commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical products for the treatment of Metastatic Cancer.

About Us

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Drug Discovery Company

Symthera is a drug discovery company with a unique technology platform capable of identifying novel treatments for diseases with unmet medical needs. Symthera is the first biotechnology company to apply the power of network theory to drug discovery and has pioneered a novel approach to modulating the immune network. Symthera has identified peptides motifs using systems biology approaches of sequence sharing patterns within and between cancer-associated proteins which contribute to the regulation of cell cycle progression.

Management Team

Rose M. Sinicrope, J.D.


Rose is a lawyer and entrepreneur, having earned her law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Canada and was in private law practice. She was previously a co-founder of a leading provider of IP-based contact center technology where she served as Vice President Legal, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary.

Chai Ezerzer

Chief Science Officer

Chai is a graduate of Ben Gurion University, Israel (Chemistry), Montreal University, Canada (Biochemistry) and The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (Life Sciences). Chai pioneered the concept of balance in the chemokine network and developed a biological infrastructure that has validated the concept in animal models of disease.

Advisory Board

Michael J. Sinclair, MD.

Michael has extensive experience in commercial aspects of healthcare internationally. Michael is Executive Chairman of Care Capital, an AIM-listed developer and investor in primary healthcare real estate, and Chairman of two other AIM-listed companies, Mirada Plc and Totally Plc. Between 1995 and 2001 he was the Chairman of US based Atlantic Medical Management LLP, which managed the New York based healthcare venture fund, Atlantic Medical Capital LP. Dr. Sinclair qualified in medicine from the Middlesex Hospital, London and currently serves on the Board of Overseers of the Tufts University School of Medicine.

Raanan Margalit

Raanan Margalit has over 25 years of experience at the Weizmann Institute of Science where he gained knowledge and expertise in immunology molecular biology, and cell biology. Raanan specializes in the development and utilization of animal models for early stage drug discovery, with special emphasis on autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders as well as disease models involving surgical procedures and/or transplantation. His work has been published in over 50 peer reviewed journals. Raanan Margalit has extensive experience in accompanying biopharma companies from inception, providing solutions and guiding company management through the early stages of preclinical development to the demonstration of proof of concept in relevant animal models.

Irun R. Cohen, MD.

Mauerberger Prof. of Immunology, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. Professor Cohen has made notable contributions to our understanding of immunology, in particular, autoimmunity and autoimmune disease.

Ira Kogan, PhD.

Specialized in molecular biology and cancer research, Ira Kogan developed commercialization strategies for a wide range of life science technologies including research of bio-medical market, preparing scientific marketing materials and defining new product strategies.